Hey Minorities…Television Networks and Hollywood are Just Not That Into You

As the TV and movie awards season draws to a close with the culminating event of last night, The Oscars, I am left with unease at the lack of black, Latino/a, Asian, native American, non-white faces in Hollywood and TV. Hooray for Taraji P.  Henson’s and Viola Davis’ nominations, Penelope Cruz’s Best Supporting Actress win, as well as the overwhelming success of Slumdog Millionaire. After the show ended, ABC showcased its upcoming Primetime season. There were no minorities in leading roles and very few minorities in any roles.

Entertainment Weekly published a special report, “Diversity in Entertainment: Why is TV so White?” focusing on the 2008-2009 series. It found that in the “fall 2008 series, each of the five major broadcast networks is whiter than the Caucasian percentage (66.2 percent) of the United States population, as per the 2007 census estimate.”

One thought on “Hey Minorities…Television Networks and Hollywood are Just Not That Into You

  1. It’s the “Friends” syndrome. IMHO, tv is becoming more and more irrelevant anyway. It is just a bunch of commercials with tiny bits of brain junk food tossed in…….
    Actually, if you include cable, and demographics into this, I think the percentage would be more even. I live outside Detroit and get a lot of the Urban stations. Tyler Perry, VP on nick or is it Disney,some other stuff. I canceled cable recently do to finding it wasteful, so I don’t have it all right in front of me…..
    Anywho, we should just boycott tv for the damage it does…….

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