Abnormal Psychology: 2-3-2009, page 1

I was in deep thought and pretty much oblivious to the goings on.

I am but a speck of dust surrounded by other specks of matter floating here and there. We are encased in a gargantuan speck of dust that is hollowed out inside—the earth. Do I matter? Am I significant? Are any of us? Now these are the questions I want answered.

“That’ll be $33.13,” said the young man behind the counter. I continued my inner monologue.

Maybe I already have the answers, but they leave me unsatisfied. Is God the mastermind behind all this dust and its grand orchestration? Is it just some scientific clock that will run for eternity? If it is God, is he/she/it intimately involved or just a disinterested party? If it is the clock that set all this in motion, then what determines the length of our time here in this hollowed out speck of dust? How do I know what to do? I don’t know and…I…think…I do not care!

“Ma’am. Your total is $33.13,” he said again, a little louder this second time.

A single one of his locs dropped on his beautifully chiseled forehead, perfectly separating his face vertically, from hairline to the top of his nose. Before he hastily swiped it back, the loc helped to create an imaginary line from where the loc ended at the top of his nose to the tip of his chin. I could see that his features were quite symmetrical. His skin was almost coal black. Those eyes were just as dark. They bore into mine like lasers and held my attention for about 4 seconds before the sound of a book falling in the vicinity broke the hold.

I managed to respond, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know where my mind is today.”

The depth of my thoughts and the pull of his eyes made me a little foggy as I took my purse from my shoulder. A sanitary napkin wrapped in bright, lime green paper was the first object visible when I quickly opened my purse, mindful of the long line behind me. I pulled out my wallet and rested my forearm over the open purse trying to hide the napkin. I fingered through each pocket of my overstuffed wallet for what seems like an eternity. Finally, I landed on my debit card and Borders reward card.

“I try and try, but I can never keep these cards straight,” I explained, lacing my voice with chagrin.

I handed him the cards with a quick smile, but did not look up for fear of being caught up in his eyes again. I watched his hands as he swiped my debit card, scanned my reward card, and bagged my books. I finally decided to look up so as not to be rude after holding up the line.

“I would give anything to know what thoughts were running through your mind just now. Probably more interesting than anything between the pages of all the books on our shelves,” he said.

I looked up and was blinded by his brilliant, white teeth and gorgeous smile, but that was not all.  As he handed me the bag, cards, and receipt, I took in the splendor that was his face. His skin was the deepest onyx possible on human skin with not a blemish to be found.  The thick eyebrows framing his eyes were arched up naturally to either side. The eye lashes were long, but not too long. The deep dark brown color of his eyes had to be contacts, but I wasn’t sure.  I smiled back in awe of that beautiful face, but not at a loss for a snappy comeback. The content of his words granted me new focus and surety.

I chided back,“Then you’d have to be committed.”

“I’m willing to take that chance,” he shot back as I walked away. I glanced back over my shoulder quickly to see his eyes piercing into my back as he called for the next customer.

Who has time for flirting when life seems so…haphazard, I thought, as I left the store and headed to my car.


Check back for more of Abnormal Psychology. Let me know what you think!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places or incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously.

All rights reserved.

Myesha D. Jenkins 2009

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