A Heartwarming Read

What drew me to Bil Wright’s young adult novel, When the Black Girl Sings, was the cover. There were 9 butterflies arranged in a 3X3 formation mounted on a weatherworn wooden shadow box. Eight of the butterflies were white and identical in every other detatil. There was a bigger, black butterfly who was out of … More A Heartwarming Read

A Hair Story

About a week before the dawning of 2009, I began encouraging Larry to cut his beard and mustache. I wanted to see him clean shaven in the New Year. He wasn’t sure about it at first, but my powers of persuasion won him over. Somehow between our conversations about his proposed new look  (he doesn’t … More A Hair Story

Lifemaking is Bliss!

I am where I should be. I am doing what I am supposed to do. I claim these declarations with an authenticity that has taken up residence in my psyche. Before my decision to quit working, there was a disquieting restlessness within me that permeated my life. It was a scattered, anxious feeling that lay … More Lifemaking is Bliss!