The Good Ole’ Music Days

All you thirtysomethings out there, remember the good ole days? Michael and Janet weren’t my only favorites, but they sure were the best! He really revolutionized the music video.  Many artists since have used those moves. I used to dream of dancing with an entourage…still do!

Rhythm Nation

Smooth Criminal

The interlude where they all start writhing and screaming “Annie are you okay!?” (at least that is what I think they say) and then he just jumps right back into it is my favorite part!


A little mental therapy for brother and sister.

Remember the Time

And finally….

Motown 25

One thought on “The Good Ole’ Music Days

  1. My wife dragged me to a Janet Jackson concert, God it was about 8-10 years ago, I think just before Velvet Rope..Anyway, I had the last concert, Neil Young, so now it was her turn. Needless to say, that Janet Jackson concert was the best concert I have ever seen.

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