What to do with all the trash?

I was introducednaples-trash to this amazing website that renders the human footprint artistically. It got me to thinking about some thoughts I had about trash after taking my daughter to see Wall-E this past summer. Take a look at the website and read what I wrote below back in July:


I heard so many good things about the new Wall-E movie, so I decided to take my daughter to see it. We saw it today, and it got me thinking about all the trash we generate in this country and world. It’s everywhere. It’s an integral part of all our lives. I pride myself on recycling…even got my daughter and husband on the bandwagon. I collect bags from my organization’s annual meeting and use those as our grocery bags. When I began this practice I felt like a sustainability snob. “I have bags,” I’d say aristocratically to the Publix cashier and bagger. Now I don’t feel as superior since rebagging is becoming more common.

Does recycling really happen and when it does is it really helping the earth? I often wonder what happens to the empty Tropicana cartons, toilet/paper towel cones, and countless other containers we use at our house. Are they actually recycled or just chucked away. Who knows? I know you all have heard those depressing statistics about the wide reach of the human footprint. Like how we make enough plastic bottles to go around the earth 1,000 times or something like that.

I didn’t realize how much trash was thrown on our street until we got our puppies and walking them became a regular part of our routine. Here I am worrying about scooping their poop, but the trash scattered here and there was the real dung. At least the poop is biodegradable. Now, we don’t have mounds of trash. You don’t notice it unless you are walking, and we do a lot of that now with the pups. One day I gave Candi’s leash to my hubby, ran back to the garage to get a trash bag and this mechanical arm thingy. I proceeded to collect all the trash I saw, wondering why these idiots would throw trash while driving down the street. My imagination dreamed up contraptions that could be stationed on the street that would boomerang trash back into the car of those dreaded litter bugs. Oh, if I could! I ended up with a full bag in no time. Doesn’t everyone know littering is socially unacceptable and just plain bad? My HOA supposedly pays a company to pick up trash on the main street. You see my subdivision is made up of one main street and two cul de sac streets. We are on the main street and get more non resident traffic. I’ve decided to make it my personal mission to pick up trash along the street routinely. Maybe I’ll organize a “Hands on Our Street” day for the entire street.


I have yet to organize the “Hands on Our Street” outreach, but I still ponder, What to do with all the trash? I was disheartened when I saw a report on 60 minutes about illegal recycling. Some U.S. companies are presenting themselves as reputable recyclers only to ship their goods (computers, cell phones, etc) for a profit to companies in China. These companies strip the equipment and contaminate the land with lead and other harmful elements. Does greed know no end!?!


2 thoughts on “What to do with all the trash?

  1. I’m glad that site triggered a blog post, Myesha! Jordan’s work is amazing and so timely. More people need to start asking the questions you pose so thoughtfully here.

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