The un-Writing Life

My book now...well there is half a page.
My book now...well there is half a page.

You know writing is not as easy as it seems. Where in the hades did I get that idea anyway? In fact all the evidence points to the contrary. My biggest problem is time. I need more time and focus. I have this wrong headed idea that I can write a novel in the month of November. It is not that I can’t do it. How can I carve out the time?

I am proud to announce that I have an idea, title, and the first half page. There are so many calls on my time and attention that it would be difficult and pretty selfish of me to block out time away from my husband, daughter, dogs, book/article reading, and addiction to politics. I love using that phrase, “calls on time and attention.” That was snagged from a former boss of mine who had a great facility with language and especially thanking people. If only I could afford to quit my day job. I can’t say much more about that as work colleagues might be reading this blog. Hee Ha Ha! Quit, noooo.

My good friend Mari is convinced that I need to back track to a PhD program because of my passion for teaching. My husband asks me the 10 million dollar question, “What do you want to do, Myesha?” I’m not exactly sure but I can say that I love:

  1. research and the acquisition of information
  2. constructive conflict, that is taking issues head on in a way that lays out all the facts, opinions, etc
  3. reading books…this is quite an obsession.
  4. orchestrating events
  5. writing and reading what I have written
  6. bringing people together to dialogue
  7. helping people with problems
  8. telling people what to do
  9. being needed to do a job or I guess being counted on to deliver

These are a few of my favorite things.

I am determined to fling my fingers to the keyboard, putting the proverbial pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard. With God’s help, I will write something by November 30. What I write is another story.


2 thoughts on “The un-Writing Life

  1. Hi! If you want to seriously write a novel, I would suggest taking some time to do it. Novel writing isn’t easy to do, and while I totally understand not wanting to take time away from your family, if it’s something you want to do, you have to do it. Setting aside 30 minutes every night (or whenever you have time available) and getting down to work is the only way you’re going to accomplish your task.

    It doesn’t even necessarily matter WHAT you write either. The act of writing is what really matters. You can always edit it later, after all.

    Good luck! I hope you do well on your novel.

  2. Dearest Author:
    Back tracking only applies of one is previously returning to where one has previously been. I believe a doctorate program would be a move forward. I am also under no illusions about the function of a Ph.D. It begins as permission to own our gifts and calling — what we make of the journey that follows is our act of co-creation with the divine.

    Given your list of nine vocational interests – and I smiled at the refreshing honesty in the confession that telling others what to do brings fulfilment (I daresay you are better than most at that) —
    the possibilities inherent in being a professor seem to offer promising fulfilment.

    Scripture tells us it takes at least two to offer biblical confirmation. I need only remind you of a certain other colleague who has long seen the fit of a doctorate being commensurate with both your abilities and calling. But I will offer this one more confession: when I spoke thus, I was only speaking what I heard listening to your own heart speak…

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