3 thoughts on “Yes We Did…but there is much more to do.

  1. Dear Myesha,
    I am really happy to have found your blog. I don’t have answers– yet!– but like you, I really want to get more involved and make sure the grassroots networks stay active. I really look forward to keeping up with your writing.
    Beth Staton
    Athens, GA

  2. I spent several hours last night at the headquarters in Seattle, making calls in the frenzied and frenetic space. My boys enjoyed the energy, esp. since there was candy and treats galore to be had.

    Mostly, though, what surprised me was how they stay glued to the computer screen and counted the votes from states, trying to memorize the states that were going blue. All I knew, making the calls, was that if they remembered being at the headquarters the night that Obama was elected, they might look back feeling more a part of it the history they lived.

    There was something else I grew aware of amid the intense calling frenzy of last night, was not just a desire for Senator Obama to become president. I want President Obama to be effective. Successful. And more than triumphant, I want his years of leadership to be powerfully transformative. Because HE CAN.

    In one version of the future that I fantasize, I wish I could work for Obama. Not having a job makes me think about all these things — if I didn’t teach, what could I do? The answer comes back: a LOT. Of course, I could do a lot of good teaching, too. My future is uncertain. My professional desires are not yet focused (shhh).

    But I’ll be reading your blog as part of my own education. Where I can’t do what you and Larry have managed – not just in collective learning, but in creating a partnership committed to sharing an adventure you each admire and treasure – it makes me happy to find such a resource as your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.
    With admiration,

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