3 thoughts on “Who is Your Neighbor?

  1. Myesha, wow. This is such a sad reflection of the ignorance and short sightedness that’s still all too common today. What a waste of an opportunity for change, if people refuse to see reality because of racism and closed-mindedness. I have to believe that these folks don’t represent the majority! Makes me wish I could vote in your election.

  2. M,
    Thanks for this post. As we know too many of our “fellow” Christians refuse to see “God” in the other. They are not willing to even consider that many of the things being said about Obama are false. Now, I wonder how your “neighbor” will interact with you and Larry in the household of faith. I’m sure she didn’t mean to send the email to Larry or maybe she thought Larry shared her views.

  3. This is a great reflection.

    I continue to be amazed at what some people will actually say into a tv camera. As a white person, I am privy to plenty of conversations that offend me as a human being, but I am almost more shocked at what people will say in public – without even the admission privacy would confer, that their views are truthless, spineless, and vicious. It’s as if their “opinions” based in evil propaganda actually deserve fair merit, to be discussed along with facts. The question about Obama being an Arab and the continuing assumptions that Obama’s a Muslim are most apparent of this culture that has come over us, especially since the Bush era, in which veracity is simply unimportant – verifying a factual basis for statements that can easily be shown ‘true’ or ‘false’ is simply not bothered with. It’s this unscientific approach to decision-making that is being heralded by the right, that doesn’t bother to determine the consequences of a choice (say, to invade Iraq) and acts out of myths and ‘principles’ instead of data. It seems that McPalin will continue this assault on reason and science, which is partner to their deployment of overt racist rhetoric.

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